Amazon and Palantir feel the heat

July 12, 2019

Progressive Technology Project staff joined many Powerbase using organizations this week to protest both Palantir and Amazon’s contracts and complicity with ICE.

Over a hundred people showed up monday morning in front of Palantir’s office. Several days later, hundreds more protested Amazon’s annual developers conference at the Javitz Center in New York.

Over the last several years, corporate technology’s true colors have been emerging: Facebook’s pathological disregard for privacy, Google’s employment of over 120,000 temp and contract workers (more than half their total workforce), and Yahoo’s security breach exposing 3 billion accounts just to name a few.

However, Amazon’s collaboration with ICE to separate families and terrorize immigrants has become the most egregious of them all - and the movement is responding.

As we referenced in an earlier blog, Mijente launched a campaign last year called No Tech for ICE which has been gaining steam ever since.

We are proud to support this campaign and encourage all PTP allies to do the same. This kind of complicity with government repression is something we should all oppose and none of us should be surprised by. It’s what technology corporations do. That’s why movement technology organizations like ours exist and why we are building our own technology infrastructure that is owned and operated by the movement.