Remoteform Demo page

Remoteform Demonstration page

This page is not publicly advertised. It is designed to demontrate what Remoteform can do.


The profile example is not so thrilling because we can essentially do this with a profile snippet, however (and this is big) you don’t need to have PTP process your snippet before it’s ready. You really can just copy and paste the lines of javascript code.

Here’s what it looks like when you click “Settings” next to a profile, and then expand “Advanced Settings”:

Code snippet profile

This profile is the one we display on the Powerbase site to collect info on people who want a demo.

Finally, a simple contribution form

It only includes the price set and the fields you explicitly include in the Contribution Page profile. So, no billing address fields to slow things down!

Also, it autodetects if you are using Stripe and includes the extra lines only needed for stripe.

The code is enabled at the bottom of the Title and Settings part of the Contribution Page:

Code snippet simple contribution

Standard contribution form

Just for comparison, this is what it looks like to use PTP’s standard contribution page with no changes.