Can we build alternatives to corporate technology?

May 1, 2023

May First Movement Technology has released a report: “Politics and practices of an autonomous technology: voices from the May First membership.” Based on extensive interviews, the report explores why and how social justice movement organizers and activists are building a sustainable and powerful alternative to corporate technology.

According to Alice Aguilar, executive director of Progressive Technology Project and one of the authors of the report:

It’s not possible to have a truly collective approach to technology without cultivating a radically inclusive space that is representative of our movements. For us, building autonomous technology and movement organizing go hand-in-hand - we can’t win without understanding how inseparable they are.

The report features interviews with organizers in the US, Mexico, Canada, the UK and Colombia engaged in working on issues ranging from media to abortion rights to community organizing. The content centers on the experiences of building collective technology, but also includes the challenges of organizing across borders and languages, creating inclusive and democratic processes and cultures, and integrating the diverse politics of the left. In other words, it’s about the future of our movement.

We invite you all to check it out and help spread the word!

The report is available in both english and spanish.